Old Cars in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, the yearly PRESTIGE event

Bienvenue! Welcome to the yearly event on the stunning Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula.

I went live on my Facebook page to show some beautiful old ladies!
This is one of my favorite events and it really makes it a privilege to live on the Côte D’Azur. Here is the little video.


A bientôt!

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French quote: Danielle LaPorte in Antibes

Do you feel like a French quote? Or an inspirational quote translated in French to learn the language?
I just discovered Danielle LaPorte is in Antibes (I follow her on Instagram here) and it triggered this.
It’s kind of funny… knowing that someone-who-inspires-you-is-geographically-closer suddenly is a reminder to live fully. I mean, it’s not like I am having a conversation with her right now, or seeing her more than when she is in Vancouver…

French Quote For Inspiration

Anyways, I’ve been wanting to unfold more inspiration. And I figure if I translate the quotes, you might enjoy them also and/or learn some French. Therefore I will be sharing French quotes in the next 30 days.  There will be some of classical French authors and others of amazing contemporary human beings. And you can catch these on Instagram, in the FB group or here in the blog.

Please feel free to share your favorite quote (and even French quote) in the comments below or via social media. Let me know which one caught your eye lately or has been a longtime favorite.

I guess I’m trying to tell a story. Because I would love you to know it. And because I would love to know yours.  My story is about being a mom, a freelancer and a pilgrim of the human soul. For the moment I just don’t know how to say it better.

FrenchPinterest quotesDanielleLaPorte


Translating is often also betraying a subtlety. Or it’s leaving behind a part that the translator’s soul just can’t grasp of the original, so please bare with me.

On the other hand, this is eFrenchCafe’s unapologetic perfectly imperfect version of one of Danielle LaPorte’s #truthbombs.

And are you wondering how to say “quote” in French? We say “citation” /see-tah-see-oñ/.

And with that, I’m sending you plenty of
Bisous and gratitude from Nice, France
And if you’re learning French – you’ve got this. Keep going.



Just wanted to let you know a FREE 5-Day French Challenge is starting tomorrow!


736 x 490 Pinterest


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A bientôt! /ah bee-uhñ-toh/ See you soon!


Free Live French Workshop coming up!


Just wanted to let you know of this opportunity of learning some simple, easy and useful French.

Join my upcoming workshop this upcoming Sunday on How to Ask for Directions in French.
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Au revoir. See you there!
xx Ida

Daylight Savings Time in France

It’s next week! It’s on Sunday October 25th here in France.

FranceDaylight Saving2015

In the USA Sunday, 1 November 2015, 2:00am clocks are turned backward 1 hour to 1:00am

Be aware if you are organizing appointments on both sides of the pond. The time difference is not the same for a week!

Renting an apartment in France

Bonjour! This post is about finding a place to rent in France, long-term.

If you arrive in France with a tourist visa and wish to test living in different French cities for a few weeks/a month I would try to find something on AngloInfo, AirBnB, VRBO, or Craigslist.

But if you are looking for a long-term rental here is what you have to consider…. The French government has made laws so in favor of the renter that it’s very difficult for owners to do something if the renter doesn’t pay. Owners can’t get rid of incorrect renters for years.

That’s why sometimes you can’t get anything through an agency

  • if you work as an independent, are not salaried (and are not a fonctionnaire – state employee)
  • especially if you give them proof of an income coming from outside France and
  • even with several years of tax statements.

Sometimes you have to offer a bank guarantee, the equivalent of one year’s rent, renewable each year, This is money that is blocked on a specific bank account and that you cannot use. 

To make a long story short, in most cases it’s still simpler to rent from private owners rather than trying to pass the hurdles of agencies. In competitive markets like Paris, French people sometimes lie and forge their dossier to try to get “through”.
Sometimes, even if you earn 4 times the amount of the rent, you still don’t get the apartment. Specially if you don’t have the magical CDI (Contrat à Durée Indéterminée) or if the income is coming from a foreign country.

You might be tempted to include your bank statements to hack the system but actually that is illegal in France.
Some Associations can help you with the “garantie” (you often need a “garant”) and the “caution”.
Check it out here: aidologement.com

Soooooo…. Conclusion! Try not to go through agencies and look for apartments rented out directly by owners.
Check out

  • pap.fr
  • leboncoin.fr
  • if you are in Paris try the American church board (or the local expat churches)
  • and sometimes the local baker might have some leads.

Café! The French Coffee Drinks


Café /kah-feh/ is brewed like espresso. Mini itsy tiny cup.

Café au lait /kah-feh oh leh/  or  Café crème /kah-feh kremm/ is an espresso with steamed milk in a cup that is 2 or 3 times bigger than the espresso cup. Yes, that’s as big as it gets.
To ask for a decaffeinated ‘Café au lait” you would say: “Bonjour, je voudrais un café au lait décafféiné s’il vous plaît.”

Café américain /kah-feh ah-meh-ree-kuhn/ is an espresso with double the water. It is served in a larger cup and the barrista leave’s it longer so the double amount of water drips. You will sometimes (rarement!) get the espresso served in the cup, and then a pitcher of hot water to pour in as you please.

Déca /deh-kah/ or décafféiné /deh-kah-ffay-neh/ is decaffeinated coffee.

Noisette /nwha-zett/, un café noisette is espresso with a dash of milk in it. Basically a mini café au lait (and a dash stronger according to the space left for milk in the cup). It is called “noisette”, French for hazelnut, because of its color.

Un café, un déca, un noisette… they are all masculine (even if hazelnut is actually féminin in French) and you will hear French ordering with a “Un” /uhn/ in front.


Sucre /sükhr/ (sugar): cafés typically bring a cup with two sugars on the dish. To ask for more sugar
As an Absolute Beginners you might want to aim for ‘more sugar please’:
“Plus de sucre, s’il vous plaît” /plüss duh sükr seel voo play/
Or else, French would say
“Je pourrais avoir un autre sucre s’il vous plaît?”
/jhuh poo-rreh ah-vwahr uhn ohtr sükr seel voo play/

Edulcorant /ay-dül-koh-rahn/- sweetener

un Thé /uhn teh/

un Chocolat chaud /uhn shoh-koh-lah shoh/- hot chocolate


Un camembert bien fait s’il vous plaît!

A camembert “bien fait” is a one that is “well done”, slightly coulant (“drooly”). Pronounce: “bee-uhn feh”

Spring is here on the Côte d’Azur! We went up for a picnic at the Fort de la Revère. I will have to post some pictures 🙂

Let me know how your French is doing! Sorry if I’ve not been around, I’ve created a new website for Business French (AcceleratedBusinessFrench.com)



Morning walk

Today during my morning walk in downtown Nice I found this beautiful old shutter. Felt like sharing it!

How do you say ‘old shutter’ in French?