Ida C. Young-Bondi


You want to learn French so you can confidently order in restaurants,
know what to say to a French bus driver and
impress your friends and family during your travels?

You’re ready to uplevel your French so you can travel safely, connect with locals, experience the towns you visit on a whole new level.
But more than anything, you’re ready to improve your grammar and pronunciation so you sound a little more French and less like a lost tourist.
Because no matter how hard you try with your best French, everyone (even kids!) answer you in English.
Perhaps you’ve been putting a lot of time and/or effort in learning French and feel stuck, or feel like you’ve hit a plateau.
Maybe you’ve been trying to learn French on your own and feel frustrated because you’re not improving as fast as you expected.
Or perhaps you’re struggling with your confidence, feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start?

I‘m Ida Young-Bondi and I work with travelers and expats like you who want to improve your French fluency by learning from a real person, instead of attending night classes or learning from a pre-recorded audio class.

As an experienced French Teacher and French Pronunciation Coach I work with savvy travellers and expats who want to:

  • Be able to go to the supermarket, local restaurants and stores and answer in French when a local speaks to them
  • Finally experience a break-through, and take their French to the next level while learning more about the local culture
  • Master the French pronunciation so they can feel more confident and create a great first impression
  • Be able to speak French in all situations, to make friends locally and to know the etiquette
  • Live their dream of being able to speak French
I believe that learning French can be fun, fast and simple.
And when you have a step-by-step roadmap, you’ll save time, money and energy.
After working for 15 years with Fortune 500 companies and with students from over 25 countries and walks of life, when it comes to teaching French as a foreign language, I know what works and what doesn’t.
When you work with me you get access to everything I know about learning French as a foreign language, including lessons in pronunciation and cultural subtlety that are almost impossible to learn by rote.
By the time our work together is done you’ll feel more fluent, more confident and ready to take your next trip to France, knowing you’ll take with you all the tools you need to be mistaken for a local.
If you feel drawn to the way I teach and want to start taking your French to the next level today, schedule a discovery session here:
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  • Parisian 70%
  • French coach 80%
  • Mom 89%
  • French and Italian pronunciation expert 50%
  • Geek wannabe 20%
  • No-French-artisan-left-behind Advocate 40%
  • Photography 12%