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Bonjour & bienvenue!
Je m’appelle Ida C. Young-Bondi.

Would you like to speak French fluently? Would you like to move to France? Would you like to uplevel your French pronunciation?

I can help you with that, I can teach you how to sound a lot more like a native.  I can help you take your French to the next level, feel more confident while speaking French so you change how locals perceive you (and fall even more in love with the French culture, cuisine and savoir-faire!).  I also like to share my “bonnes adresses” and my coups de coeur.

Why eFrenchCafé.com?

I’m literally fascinated by the process involved in learning a language.  I’m fascinated by the tipping point, when a student breaks through and starts “flying” in a foreign language, just as I’m fascinated by the various phases of enthusiasm and discouragement that are involved in the journey.

I went through it myself (I actually went through the learning process twice, since I had to learn a third language also) and now my French is better than my English.  Yes, vous m’avez bien lu, although English is my “mother-tongue”, I actually am more proficient in French.

I understand and know the challenges involved in learning French:

  • How do you pronounce the French “R”?
  • How do you pronounce the awfully cute acute “U”, as I like to call it?
  • How do you stay on track?
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you have a minimum of fun while learning grammar?
  • What tools, websites are easily available and worth it?
  • How can you just meet French people and exchange conversation?
  • What are the good adresses for a great holiday in France?
  • etc.


I have created eFrenchCafé.com so no matter what your language skills and level in French, it has something to offer you… from French lessons, to French recipes and traveling tips.  You are in the right place!

I love taking pictures, here is one of the Baie des Anges in Nice, France.

I was brought up in Paris (Vè et VIè arrondissement, toujours près du jardin du Luxembourg) but currently live on the Côte d’Azur. This site is designed to spark your interest in speaking French, exchanging some shortcuts and “bonnes adresses”, learning about French culture and finding fun activities to make French easy to learn.  If you are interested in learning to communicate in French, please come on over and make yourself at home!


Who is Ida C. Young-Bondi?

I am a mother to a tender little princess & I am married to a charming French man.  I live in Nice, France and I also work as a freelance translator (English into French and Italian into French).

I like Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, French cheese, ratatouille, crêpes à la crème de marron and Armagnac.  And I like to go and buy my bread when the baker is preparing croissants.  I get to see him roll them.

I love your comments, even a short message will be most welcome.

Which gives in French: J’adore lire vos commentaires, même courts ils sont les bienvenus!

To stay in contact and learn some conversational French, sign up here:


  1. says

    Bonjour, Ida. Je vous ai deja envoye un email aujourdhui a propos le cours a Antibes, mais je voulais vous dire ici que j’aime bien votre site. C’est genereux et plein d’enthousiasme. Deux traits que me plaisent bien toujours. Bonne continuation!

  2. admin says

    Merci Lynne. Cela fait très plaisir!

  3. Bob Silverman says

    Bonjour Ida,
    Américain, j’ai vécu en France – à Paris – pendant vingt ans.
    J’ai des souvenirs inoubliables de Nice au moment du Festival de Jazz. Aussi des fleurs de courgettes, et des boissons glaçes au citron, la socca toute chaude, et des mimosas.

  4. says

    Bonjour Bob,

    ne croyez pas que je vous aie oublié, bien au contraire, je vous suis avec intérêt sur Linkedin.
    J’ai vécu dans le VIè arrondissement pendant 15 ans.

    Et… le festival de Jazz a commencé hier :-) Il bat son plein!


  5. says

    Crêpes à la crème de marrons et Armagnac? Nous allons TRES bien nous entendre chère Ida! :-)

  6. Tressols Martine, Judith says

    Bonjour Ida.
    J’ai vraiment apprécié ce moment, vous, votre époux.
    Le musée MAMAC très interessant, la terrasse surprenante…
    L’apéro nous a permis de faire mieux connaissance et vous gagnez à être connue.
    Il emmanait de votre groupe : respect, ouverture, bienveillance.
    J’espère vous revoir bientôt.

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