August 11th, 2014

How to say “A cat” and “The cat” in French

This is a post on French articles (masculine, singular), which in French gives “l’article masculin défini et indéfini”.


So, if The bench is Le banc in French

and  A bench  is Un banc

how do you say:   A cat

in French?

P.S. The plural of LE is LES and the plural of UN is DES

June 29th, 2014

Home Made in France

Some of you might now that I’m married to a French cook (and charcutier-traiteur).  So I love it when he starts cooking at home.  Today I got him to prepare a traditional Niçois dish:  la pissaladière.  I would love this to become a new petite family tradition for Sundays.

And “rendons à César ce qui est à César”:  here is a picture of Denis my handsome husband…

Vacances Noel 2012, Lyon, Nantes, Merlin

Basically, la pissaladière is a pizza dow with oignons confits on it.  Doesn’t sound too appetizing but the slowly cooked oignons with some herbes de Provence (and laurel) that are then spread on the dow and baked in the oven, can surprise more than one taste bud.  And it’s incredible how the flavor changes according to who prepares it:  more or less herbs, caramelization, crunchiness, thickness of the dow…

I love being an French imagesmith, and this is the picture of the jour:



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From France to you

June 24th, 2014

FRENCH JUMPSTART KIT™ or what I’ve been up to lately!


lately I’ve been working on an online program so more of you can work with me and so we can all finally meet!

Did you know that France is the number one tourist destination in the world?  I know, amazing.

So I just whipped together an awesome little jewel so when you travel to France you don’t have to worry anymore about learning the basic phrases to get around.   And so you get results faster when you study!  It’s all about…  learning the most useful, the most strategic phrases:  REAL FRENCH FOR REAL LIFE!  The FRENCH JUMPSTART KIT is an 8 week online program packed with all sort of juicy info (confidently ordering in restaurants, buying at the market…) including a list of the 10 most useful verbs in French.

I was at the Opera of Nice the other day and took a picture of their beautiful windows!  VOIR means To See.  VOIR à TRAVERS means To See Through.

So on the flash card beneath you can check out how to say {I see, you see, he sees, we see, you see (formal or plural), they see}.  Well, do you like it?  If you do, sign up HERE.  Because more is  coming in the next weeks.  In the French JumpStart Kit there will be an audio format for the pronunciation and a video for each module.



Hope this was useful for you!

Bisous, from France to you,

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June 14th, 2014

French Verb TO GO: ALLER

While I was at the Opera of Nice yesterday for a conference with Michel Onfray I was inspired to take some pictures… which got me started on the series of the 10 most useful French verbs! 

This is Michel Onfray avec (with) moi

This is Michel Onfray avec (with) moi

So here’s a sneak peek of the verb module of my next program, the FRENCH JUMP START KIT™!!
This is the present tense of the verb TO GO as in… to go to the opera! It’s totally worth learning it by heart because it also allows you to express yourself in the future tense (more to come)


So first just learn it so you can say:  I go to the opera/boulangerie, you (unformal) go to the opera/boulangerie, he goes to the opera/boulangerie (she=elle), we go to the opera/boulangerie, you (formal or plural) go, they go.

And once you’ve mastered that,  start thinking:

FUTURE = present tense of To Go + infinitif

  • I’m going to be… in France next year/month:  JE VAIS ETRE… en France l’année prochaine/le mois prochain
  • He’s going to have a car:  IL VA AVOIR une voiture
  • We are going to buy an apartment:   NOUS ALLONS ACHETER un appartement.

Got it?  Starting to figure it out?  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question below.  I love receiving your comments and/or questions!

Remember it’s really worth taking 10 minutes to learn the present tense of ALLER!  Just do it now.  Take the time NOW.
So… how do you say “I go to the boulangerie” andI will go to the boulangerie”?  Post in the comments below.

And if you want to learn more about the French JumpStart Kit, click here.